Studio Ghibli Her Universe My Neighbor Totoro Friends Costume Dress: An American Made Homage

Studio Ghibli Her Universe My Neighbor Totoro Friends Costume Dress is a 100% cotton dress made for fans of the 1988 animated movie My Neighbor Totoro, created by Hayao Miyazaki. The dress comes in sizes extra-small to extra-extra-extra-large. It can be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried on low- not too bad for a 100% cotton dress. As a coincidental bonus, the dress is made in the United States! The dress runs slightly small, but does have some give, so you may want to purchase a size up and if you’re on the taller side you may want to try on in-stores because the dress has a general length of about 34 inches- as a 5’ gal this dress still falls mid-thigh if that gives you an estimate.

The Positives
Well the obvious is this is a super cute dress! It allows for you to geek out a little bit, but still look “normal” to society (you know, if that’s something you care about). The details are perfectly subtle- the markings on the chest that mimick those of Totoro’s and the little Totoro and nature spirits in the left bottom corner of the dress really make you adore this dress and maybe even act as a conversation starter. The dress itself is also super comfortable and easy to just put on and go. Plus you’re supporting an American designer known for her Comic Con fashion shows and love for her fans.

The Negatives
There’s not much to complain about when it comes to this product. I do find it runs a tad small in the chest region particularly. Also- a problem that I don’t have to worry about but some fans whom are a little less vertically challenged may- is that this dress is on the shorter side, so just be wary of this and maybe wear some shorts underneath, or bloomers to be extra “kawaii”!

So What’s The Scoop?
Studio Ghibli Her Universe My Neighbor Totoro Friends Costume Dress is a comfy, machine washable, cotton dress made for the fans. It may only cater to a select group, but we’re happy with it! It has sweet details that are just geeky enough to make us squeal, but not too much that you can only wear this on Halloween or at a convention. This product is made in the USA, which always makes me happy because I don’t have to feel concerned about the workers who created this piece- so it’s a guilt-free purchase. I highly recommend this dress for you or a loved one, AND definitely recommend watching the movie first!



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