The Plush Earth Therapeutics Silk Eye Mask Turns The Lights Out

Getting to sleep can sometimes be a hassle, especially if there is distracting light in the bedroom that can disrupt a good night’s rest. Earth Therapeutics Dream Zone Sleep Mask is made of 100% cotton and silk and works well to block out disturbing light and other visual stimuli that prevents therapeutic sleep. The sleep eye mask works best when used with Earth Therapeutics Dream Potion Pulse Point Gel. A small amount of gel massaged into the forehead, temples and neck will release a relaxing aroma that will help the mask to work more effectively. The sleep mask can be washed by hand in lukewarm water in mild detergent and should not be machine-dried.

Most reviewers found the Earth Therapeutics mask to be effective in blocking out light and helping with sleep. One complaint that came up several times deals with the strap that holds the mask in place. A few reviewers found the band to be uncomfortable, especially in the ear area. The band may rub the skin, though the majority of owners did not seem to be overly bothered by this feature. The eye mask seems to work very well for most of the individuals who have purchased it.

The Positives
Plush and luxurious sleeping eye mask. Combination of cotton and silk that is very easy on delicate eyes and skin. Very effective in blocking out distracting light and visual stimuli. Envelops the eyes in velvety darkness and comfort so that the mind is free to rest. Travel eye mask is also great on naps on planes, trains and automobiles.

The Negatives
The mask is scented and this might cause problems with allergies. Elastic band could be narrower to help fit around the ears.

So What’s The Scoop?
Owners found this sleep eye mask effectively blocked out the majority of disturbing light and helped them to get the sleep that they needed. Most users also found the sleeping mask to be comfortable, and several owners have bought more than one mask for other family members.

Sleeping Eye Mask.

Travel Sleeping Mask.

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