Silicone Cooking Utensils Won’t Scratch Non-Stick Cooking Surfaces

If you are looking for a basic set of utensils, this set should be avoided. The Silvermark 4 piece Silicone Set in red claims to be a good utensil set for indoor and outdoor dining. It also claims to be useful for children as well as adults, nice for a family setting as well as a couple. Made primarily from hard plastic, the utensils offer a lightweight starter set, but not much more. A number of reviewers on online say it falls flat because of the “fake out” in terms of being advertised as silicone but really being made primarily out of hard plastic. The edges of the tools will degrade as time passes, and with continual use, they will wear down unevenly.

The Positives
The price is reasonable costing only five dollars per utensil, making it a functional set for the needs of any basic cook. The silverware is safe for nonstick cookware with handles at a functional length for children and adults. The keyholes on the utensils are perfectly designed for hanging.

The Negatives
While advertised as silicone, the tools are actually a hard plastic that is inlaid with silicone grips. The tools are accented with silicone. Therefore, none of the usual benefits associated with silicone are incorporated into the ends of utensils which are used for cooking. This makes them far from silicone tools, as advertised. What is worse is the fact that since they are not solid silicone, and made with plastic, the tools will melt if they are rested upon hot pans. The seams of the silicone inlay can collect debris which needs to be cleaned out, which would not happen if the utensils were solidly silicone instead of advertised as such but really made with hard plastic.

So What’s The Scoop?
Of course some of the internet reviews I read stated that the downfalls of melting when left on a hot stovetop were really reflective of the owner, since many people would not leave utensils on a burning or hot stove top. Overall, the set is more appropriate for a starter set as a college freshman or for community center kitchens. These silicone cooking utensils price is inexpensive, but there are far more superior and affordable counterparts which are actually made out of silicone such as Trudeau, Precidio, and Chef’n.

Silvermark 4 Piece Silicone Set.

Silicone Cooking Utensils.

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