Cook Fast And Healthy Meals With The Secura Convection Oven


The Secura Convection Oven is the perfect way to cook foods without having to heat up the oven or cook with oils and fats. It saves energy and reduces time spent cooking, which are great advantages for the modern-day family. This convection oven prides itself on cooking up meats without using fat or oil, as it makes the meats super tender and filled with flavor. The countertop convection oven is also easy to clean, has a detachable power cord and a handle safety button. At first glance, you may be wondering why a convection oven is necessary in the first place. I was, too. But by not having to turn on your oven, you save energy and cook faster.

The Positives
In fact, this small oven can de-thaw frozen foods within minutes, creating quick, healthy dinners after a long day of work. Examples of foods that can be cooked in this oven include chicken, ribs, pork chops and veggies. Plenty of reviewers were satisfied with this product and agreed that it works just as it’s advertised. Reviewers were also pleased with how the dishes turned out, as the meats hold in the juices, while breaded foods turn out perfect.

Unlike other convection ovens such as the NuWave brand that uses plastic bowls, this one uses a glass bowl. Many reviewers liked this added feature that ensures that no chemicals will leech into the foods. Most importantly, this product cooks up healthy meals in no time! Instead of coming home after a long day of work and having to de-thaw foods or stick to processed foods, you can make fresh meats and veggies in half the time.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt that this product didn’t live up to its hype. Foods turned out soggy or didn’t brown up as they should have. One point to consider is that the instruction book is written with Centigrade temperatures, so you will want to make sure that you adjust accordingly to get the best temperature control. Other reviewers said that the convection oven didn’t decrease cooking times like they thought it would and was still heavy and difficult to clean.

So What’s The Scoop?
I would recommend this table top convection oven, but only for individuals who tend to cook last-minute meals. I like that you can toss a frozen chicken breast into this oven and have it ready by the time you change out of your work clothes. The energy saving qualities and fact that the whole kitchen doesn’t have to get warm is a nice touch, too. But if you plan out your meals and let foods defrost during the day, cooking foods in the microwave or oven may be all you end up using anyway.

Secura Halogen Infrared Turbo Countertop Oven.

Table Top Convection Oven.

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  1. Product Scoop says:

    Please share with us any of your questions or comments concerning this Secura Convection Oven review! Here’s the manufacturer link for the Secura Halogen Infrared Turbo Convection Countertop Oven.

  2. BEN GREAGO says:

    WOW I love this thing!!! I got mine from CVS, of all places, on sale at Xmas time; at $49.95!!! I would never be without it….this thing is GREAT..

    It does take up space on my countertop, but I don’t care!!

    I use it 3 times a day!! for everything from toasting bread, bagels, etc., etc. to meats and other things.

    and the darn thing even CLEANS ITSELF…….you just can’t beat it!!

    If you are hesitating about getting this, GET IT….period!!!

    The best money I ever spent on a kitchen device..

    WARNING.I foolishly fell for the informercial on the NuWave oven….DO NOT GET THIS….it is plastic and very hard to keep clean……a total waste of $120…….so I learned the hard way…….

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