Check Out The Versatile Schwinn Air Driver 1000 Floor Pump

There are actually quite a few reasons to make sure your bike tires and full of enough air. One of the biggest is that when your tires are low on air you have to pedal harder as there’s not enough pressure in the tire and drag is the result. Another is the that when there’s not enough pressure in the tire, the odds of that tire getting a flat from sharp road debris goes up. It’s important to get a floor tire pump that can play multiple roles by being able to pump all three types of bike tires along with your vast storage of sports balls and even inflatable toys for your children. One really versatile 5-1 pump that fills the requirements above is the Schwinn 1000 Floor Pump. It’s got nice size handles to make the pumping action easier and a firm base for support. Thankfully it is also a fully compatible with Shrader, Presta and Dunlop valve tubes.

The Positives
Versatile 5-in-1 pump from Schwinn can pump three types of bike tires. Nozzle comes with a built-in needle to use with sports balls. All kinds of sports balls and inflatable toys can be inflated with this pump also. Compatible with Shrader, Presta and Dunlop valve tubes.

The Negatives
A few reports that the handle part is not of good quality and can break on use. The Schwinn Bicycle Pump does not include a pressure gauge.

So What’s The Scoop?
One thing to keep in mind when using this Schwinn Floor Tire Pump is if you’re consistently riding in lousy weather, it’s advised to not inflate your tires fully, because with less air, it will give your tires more surface area to grip and secure traction. Helpful for winter weather biking!

Schwinn Bike Pump.

Schwinn Bicycle Pump.

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