Schumacher Battery Charger Is A Versitile And Fast Battery Maintainer

Life is all about convenience these days and humans have developed a number of technologies to help make life easier to enjoy. Even the best our technologies can let us down at the wrong time though and none can be more annoying than a dead battery. Whether it is the battery for your car, or the battery on your favorite toy, a dead battery is an annoyance that should be avoided at all costs. The Schumacher SSC-1000A Automatic Speed Battery Charger can help avoid these inconveniences. The speed Schumacher battery charger offers two battery charge modes with a 10-amp fast charge mode for larger batteries.

The 2-amp slow charge mode for small batteries that also maintains battery charges on larger batteries. The handy digital meter displays charge status and test results, and an electronic push button helps switch between display modes. Other battery charges are available on the market, but few of them offer two stages of charging like the Schumacher. The features and accessories included with any one model will vary based upon price.

Most of the online reviewers who purchased the Schumacher car battery jumper were pleased with their purchase and continue to enjoy the benefits of it. Many of the negative reviews can be attributed to faulty models. However, many individuals did find that the lower 2-amp setting had a tendency to burn out the batteries it was connected to instead of maintaining charge levels.

The Positives
Electronic push button select between display mode, charge rate, or battery. Digital meter helps to display battery charge status and test results. System test helps to diagnose problems with battery and charging system. Smart charger 10-amp fast charge monitors battery condition and charge rate. Monitors battery condition and adjusts charge rate to prevent battery damage.

The Negatives
Issues with the lower 2-amp setting having a tendency to burn out the batteries. Some reviewers felt the instruction manual needed a lot of improvement.

So What’s The Scoop?
Whether it is your snowmobile, lawn mower, or car, the Schumacher automatic battery charger is a reliable tool that will keep your vehicles prepped and ready to go when you need them.

Schumacher Battery Charger.

Schumacher SSC 1000A Automatic Speed Battery Charger.

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