A Quality Safety Can Opener That Leaves A Smooth Edge On Cans

If you’re tired of using can openers that don’t seem to do the trick, it’s time to upgrade to the Kuhn Rikon Can Opener. This kitchen gadget safely removes lids, while leaving a smooth edge that won’t cut delicate hands or fingers. The can opener features a stainless steel handle and a turn knob that’s easy and comfortable to use. Because the blade cuts from the side of the rim, you don’t have to worry about jagged, uneven edges. For this reason, the safety can opener is a favorite of pet owners, as they can easily reseal cat and dog foods. Another feature that this kitchen tool has is the LidLifter, which removes the lid without it falling into the can.

Most can openers fall short of the Kuhn Rikon, which is why this is such a popular seller. Oxo Good Grips does offer a safety can opener of their own, which features a side-wind mechanism and ergonomic turn handle. The Kuhn Rikon received more favorable reviews however, as product owners preferred the stainless steel handle and durable construction.

Many online reviews stress that the hand held safety can opener is the best they’ve used, being worth the price and simple to operate. Plus, reviewers love the LidLifter that prevents the lid from dropping into the can. Some of the negative reviews felt that the device didn’t open cans at all and was rather hard to turn.

The Positives
Safely and easily removes lids, leaving a smooth edge that is suitable for resealing. Ergonomic handle is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. Great for resealing dog and cat food cans or even coffee cans. Manual can opener cuts from the side leaving the rim smooth with no sharp edges. LidLifter jaws clamp on to remove lid from can and then releases into trash.

The Negatives
A few comments that the opener didn’t open cans at all and was rather hard to turn. An owner complained that the turning knob broke off upon using it.

So What’s The Scoop?
While it’s possible that the Kuhn Rikon Can Opener won’t work on every can, it is designed to work on most, so it’s difficult to know how accurate these reviews are. Overall, this is an excellent kitchen gadget that makes opening cans safe and easy.

Black Kuhn Rikon Auto Deluxe Safety Lid Lifter.

Safety Can Opener.

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