KitchenAid Red Blender Offers A Colorful Option With 5 Speed Blender

From a well known and trusted name in kitchen products comes the Kitchenaid 5-Speed Blender. Not just for smoothies, this blender handles a variety of kitchen tasks with ease and makes it a good addition to the counter. This red blender has a .9 HP motor and a base constructed of solid die-cast metal. The patented blade, which can whip up those smoothies as well as crush ice and puree foods, is stainless-steel, sharp and only one piece. The blender also features something called Intelli-Speed electronic controls. The control pad is called Clear Touch and can be wiped clean as needed. The unit’s cord also has a space for storage.

Moving on to the pitcher. It’s made of a polycarbonate blend that can handle a wide range of temperatures from boiling hot to freezing cold. The pitcher is stain, scratch and shatter resistant. It also features a soft grip and a lighter weight than can be found in other blenders.

It can go straight into the dishwasher without any need to disassemble. Online reviews I’ve read were a mixed bag. Some several consumers reported having issues with the blender leaking after using it daily for some time.

The Positives
The 5-speed blender offers .9 HP motor and Intelli-Speed electronic controls. Die-cast metal base, steel-reinforced coupler and 1-piece stainless steel blade. Dishwasher safe and includes a shatter resistant pitcher with 56-ounce capacity. Automatic “crush ice” button and cord storage for tidy countertops. Does smoothies, pureeing vegetables for soup, crushing ice, and making pesto.

The Negatives
A few comments about the Kitchenaid Electric Blender leaking after using it daily for some time. Some reviewers mentioned that this blender was loud compared to others.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many consumers seemed to love how powerful this KitchenAid Red Blender was – lots of people crushing ice out there. If you’re in the market for a powerful, easy to clean blender with some frills, this could be a good model for you.

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