Coleman Rechargeable Lantern Has Nine Hours Of Charged Runtime

Don’t be left in the dark on your next camping trip! The Coleman Rechargeable Lantern is far better than battery-powered lanterns that can leave you with drained batteries and no light. This lantern uses an 11-watt fluorescent spiral U-tube bulb that can be recharged whenever necessary. It requires a 120-volt AC outlet or a vehicle’s 12-volt DC power port to recharge, and a 12-volt DC adapter is stored on the bottom of the lantern. Well equipped to handle outdoor trips or power outages, the rechargeable lantern features a built-in nightlight, “emergency on” circuit and reflector light that shines light upward and outward for better viewing.

When the bulb burns out, simply replace it using the quick-release lever. Ratings from owners are positive, as consumers have put their trust in this lantern to get through power failures or outdoor camping adventures.

The Positives
Rechargeable red camping lantern has a 11-watt fluorescent spiral U-tube bulb, plus a reflector directs light upward and outward so more people can see it. Charges via 120-volt AC outlet or vehicle’s 12-volt DC power port. “Emergency on” circuit helps overcome power failures with built-in nightlight and 12-volt DC adaptor is conveniently stored in the base of the lantern.

The Negatives
The downside to the Coleman Retro Rechargeable Battery Powered Lantern is that it is heavy and some consumers have found this to be difficult when carrying the light around. Another disadvantage is that it is difficult to find replacement bulbs for the lantern. Since the rechargeable lantern is not used on a daily basis however, most consumers are still enjoying their years down the road.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, this is a great alternative to using fuel or battery-powered lanterns. The Coleman Battery Powered Lantern has a long charge time, projects an incredible amount of emitted light and can serve as a handy nightlight.

Coleman Retro Rechargeable Battery Powered Lantern.

Rechargeable Lantern.

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