The Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner Quickly Cleans Up Spots And Spills

If you live in a busy household with kids and pets, accidental spills are bound to happen. Instead of worrying about what will be left behind, take action with the Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner. This handheld carpet cleaner is great for emergency spills and features a cordless design and 9.6v cleaner that runs for 15 minutes. The cleaner brush loosens soiled spots while sucking up debris through the 7-inch nozzle. The portable carpet cleaner uses a double tank system so that clean water and solution can be kept in one, while the other fills with the dirty solution. The Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner is an excellent choice for consumers.

It has aggressive cleaning power that comes at an affordable price. Plus, its portable qualities allow it to be used anywhere, which means you can grab the vac and go! Another product that some consumers have debated over is the Hoover Spot Scrubber that utilizes powerful suction on all floor surfaces to remove dirt and stains. This product comes at a higher price and has a stretch hose instead of being cordless, giving it more limitations.

For these reasons, product owners have preferred the Bissell product. That’s not to say the Bissell hasn’t received its own criticisms. A handful of product owners found that the vacuum has poor suction. When scrubbing with the brush and carpet cleaner, some of the stain is removed, but the suction doesn’t lift the water out of the carpet. This can prove difficult with the short time frame in between charges. This product is an updated version however, and has worked out some of the kinks of previous models.

The Positives
Hand-held deep carpet cleaner for emergency spills and stains from Bissell. The pet stain cleaner is cordless and the cleaner runs at full power for 15 minute. With a dual tank system, users easily fill one with clean water. Cleaner brush agitates soiled spots while sucking debris up with a 7-inch nozzle. The pet stain cleaner measures 17-3/4 by 7 by 10 inches and weighs 6 pounds.

The Negatives
Handful of product owners found that the vacuum has poor suction. Some reports of the chamber where you put the cleaning liquid leaking.

So What’s The Scoop?
The majority of customers rave about the battery life and cleaning power, which keeps carpets looking newer longer. All and all this nifty portable carpet cleaner seems to live up to the Bissell name.

Bissell Spotlifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner.

Portable Carpet Cleaner.

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