The Oribit Patio Misting System Offers Easy Installation

The Orbit Portable ¼-Inch Outdoor Mist Cooling System is a great, affordable way to install a patio misting system in about an hour. The hose is about 20 feet long, and the final ten feet enable you to install “misters” that will take water and put a cool mist into the air. It can cool the surrounding air temperatures by up to 20 degrees. The patio misting system hooks up to a standard garden hose, so you should be able to install it in just about any back yard or front yard. The Orbit mister system is fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to any of the MistyMate systems. It also works well for pets, helping to cool animal shelters and dog runs. The system comes preassembled so all you need to do is mount it with some alligator clips, and the packaging announces that it installs in less than ten minutes.

The Positives
Installation Process: Most of the reviews about the orbit mister say that the mister is easy to install and can be up in less than an hour, and they rave about how great it is that it hooks up directly to your garden hose.

Water Pressure: Another plus frequently noted by the online reviewers was that the patio misting system tends to work well regardless of your water pressure – which is great if you decide to install a splitter and run a few of these to a couple different spots in your yard.

The Negatives
Nozzle Quality: There’s a lot of flak given to the outdoor misting system because it can be hard to get all of the nozzles lined up as shown on the picture. The mist is more likely to be spread about in various directions instead of going straight down, like the picture on the box shows.

Missing Parts: There were also a few complaints that some of the patio mister pieces were missing from the box, but that is not so much a problem with the product as the packers.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you are looking for a way to keep everyone cool this summer, then the Orbit misting system is a good idea. It’s not very expensive, so even if you decide not to keep it, you won’t lose much. If you can stick with the installation and work to get it just right, the mist cooling system should work as advertised, other than the ten minute installation. We’re not entirely sure about the validity of the reviews reporting missing pieces, either. Since the kit comes preassembled, the only pieces that could possibly be missing are the alligator clips, but at least one review mentioned missing nozzles.

Patio Misting System.

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