Ove’ Oven Gloves Handle Hot Pots And Pans With Ease

Tired of oven mitts that are too large or don’t offer any firm grip? Ove’ Gloves are the perfect alternative, as they feature a five-fingered flexi-grip and can be worn on both right and left hands. They’re super comfortable and lined with cotton, being just the thing for working in the kitchen or around the grill. Plus, you can toss them right in the wash when they get dirty! These oven gloves come in a pack of 2 and are comparable in price with other mitts on the market. However, these oven gloves are in a class of their own, as they have a cozy fit and feature a DuPont Nomex and Kevlar exterior that offers heat resistance up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit.

And, if the gloves are exposed to fire, their flame resistant properties avoid them from catching fire or melting. Consumers often get the Ove’ Glove Hot Surface Handler, and The Original Oven Glove confused, but the two products are separate. Coming in at the same cost, product reviews found the Oven Glove to be too small and not durable enough against heat.

The Ove’ Glove continues to come out on top, as product owners rave about the grip and heat resistant surface that are major improvements over the Oven Glove. The only negative complaints were from product owners who found the silicone gloves to be too bulky and not protective enough against hot liquids. Having spilled liquids is an issue with any oven glove however, as the liquids can penetrate through the surface.

The Positives
Comfortable five-fingered flexi-grip oven gloves for left or right handers. Silicone oven gloves can withstands extreme heat up to 540 degrees F. Perfect for the kitchen, barbeque and handling hot surfaces around the house. Ove Glove exterior layer is made of heat resistant DuPont Nomex and Kevlar. Interior layer is made of soft doubleknit cotton and the gloves are washable.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt the heat resistant oven gloves were too bulky. Complaints that the oven mitts were not protective enough against hot liquids.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, these innovative oven gloves with fingers are a great buy, as they’re affordable, durable and versatile for a number of cooking tasks.

Oven Glove.

Oven Glove Hot Surface Handler.

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