Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Is Like Camping In Your Own Backyard

Lots of families enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors, and there is no better way to experience that than on a camping trip. Unfortunately, not all men are as in touch with their prehistoric roots as others and starting a fire can be the most difficult part of the camping experience. Never fear though, the Camp Chef Outdoor Propane Fire Pit takes the worry out of starting a fire and provides hours of warmth and light in a small package. Whether camping out in your own backyard, or the great outdoors, the outdoor portable fire pit goes anywhere you want to go which is a big plus for most buyers.

Simply hook up the Camp Chef Portable Campfire pit to a propane tank and you’ll have hours of flame at your disposal. The compact design stands just 6.5 inches high and has a diameter of 15 inches. The package includes a base, high-pressure burner, 5 ceramic logs, and 8 pounds of lava rock. Lastly, the unit comes with a convenient carrying back and weighing in at just 23 pounds is easily transported.

Though some have consumers dislike the power of the flame produced, many people found that the Camp Chef Portable Campfire pit provides more than enough heat to cook hot dogs and s’mores. In addition, since the pit is legal at campgrounds and safer than traditional fires as it lacks burning embers, the portable campfire pit is a great buy.

The Positives
The propane fire ring is easy to use and eliminates the need for gathering wood. About 15-inches in diameter and 6.5-inches tall. Base and high pressure burner; comes with easy to use lava rock, and a carry bag. Attaches to bulk propane tank for easy use. Almost smoke free design makes it easy to sit by the fire.

The Negatives
Some have mentioned that the propane hose is short. Flame lengths are only a few inches long.

So What’s The Scoop?
This Camp Chef outdoor portable campfire provides a relaxing and comfortable fire without the mess and fuss of chopping firewood.

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Propane Fire Pit.

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