This Bayou Classic Outdoor Gas Cooker Is Incredibly Reliable

Millions of Americans love to cook outdoors during the summer months while RVing, camping, or tailgating; but few enjoy the mess and stress that come with getting a wood fire going. There is no need to struggle with starting and maintaining a wood powered fire though when you can have the Bayou Classic Outdoor Gas Cooker. The outdoor gas cooker is the perfect answer for camping, RVing, and tailgating. The one-piece steel frame is welded together for strength and durability and will likely be the last outdoor gas cooker you buy in the foreseeable future. The compact and light design allows for easy transportation of the gas cooker.

This allows it to be brought along anywhere you need it to go. The Bayou Classic Outdoor Gas Cooker comes with a windshield included to help protect against the breeze and provide even cooking. Some users found the temperature and gas flow controls difficult to get used to, but even users with some negative comments to make about the cooker found it to be the most efficient and powerful outdoor gas cooker available on the market.

The Positives
High-pressure propane outdoor cooker with 14-inch round burner. 1-piece welded steel frame for optimal durability and wide-set legs for stability. Includes 48-inch hose, 20-PSI regulator that reaches 185,000 BTUs. Full windscreen protection for even outdoor cooking. The compact cooker fits into a car trunk, RV, or closet for travel or storage.

The Negatives
Some reviewers found the temperature and gas flow controls difficult to get used to. Few comments about paint burning off the top half of the burner during the first use.

So What’s The Scoop?
Strength and durability make the Bayou Classic outdoor gas cooker the best deal on the market for a reliable cooker.

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