Corkscrews Don’t Stand A Chance With The Oster Wine Opener

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Although many corkscrew alternatives have been marketed, consumers agree the Oster Wine Opener surpasses all other means of bottle opening. The Oster Wine Opener is easy-to-use and effective. All one has to do is place the opener over the neck of the wine bottle and press the button. In a matter of seconds the cork is removed without any effort from the user. Corks are removed quickly and in one piece, every time! The Oster Wine Opener is portable and comes with it’s own recharging station that also houses a foil cutter. According to the manufacturer, the device can open 30 bottles of wine on a single charge.


Additional features include a stylish modern design and soft rubber grip. The device measures 4 by 4 by 12 inches and comes with a one-year limited warranty from Oster. Most users of the Oster Wine Opener owners who reviewed the device give the product 4 or more stars.

Cordless electric bottle opener removes the cork in seconds. Opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge; simple push-button operation. Foil cutter for easily removing seals; comfortable soft-grip handle. Sleek, sophisticated design and recharging base included. Includes a foil cutter to remove wine seals.

Battery stop recharging after 5 months for one reviewer. Issues with not being able to align electric wine opener properly over the cork.

A minority of owners, however, complain that the device does not fit larger bottle necks and frequent use may wear down the device’s battery life. However, the vast majority regard the Oster Wine Opener as the answer to the age old nuisance that is corkscrew!

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