High Quality And Raw Nutiva Hemp Organic Protein Powder

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder plus Fiber is a healthy supplement for those looking to increase their daily fiber intake. Made from USDA-certified organic hempseeds, this tasty protein powder can be stirred into fruit smoothies, juices, yogurts, cereals and batters. The organic protein powder contains 50% protein and 50% fiber and is perfect for athletes with rigorous workout routines. Although there are plenty of protein powders on the market, few contain organic hempseeds like the Nutiva product. This makes it a popular option for athletes who only want to add pure, natural ingredients to their lifestyle.

Another option is Living Harvest, a company that also uses organic-certified hempseeds from Canada. Although a great choice, reviewers prefer Nutiva’s product, as it contains more for the money while staying true to USDA-certified ingredients. Not only does Nutiva come with two 16 oz. jars, but it also contains the extra boost of fiber.

Most reviewers love the taste of this organic protein powder and say that it’s tasty enough to be eaten off the spoon! Yet others disagree and find the texture to be gritty and foul tasting. For those reviewers that found the texture to be grainy, the protein powder ended up sinking to the bottom of the cup, then getting stuck in the teeth afterward.

The Positives
Pack of two 16-ounce jars for total of 32 ounces. Made from USDA-certified-organic hempseeds. Nutrients include 37% protein, 43% fiber, 9% beneficial fats, 0 net carbs (after subtracting for fiber). Stir into juices, smoothies; also add to cereal, yogurt, batter mixes. Hemp protein powder hempseeds legally grown by Canadian farmers.

The Negatives
Some reports that the Nutiva Hemp Protein did not blend well and had a very strong taste. Some felt the added fiber can cause an upset stomach.

So What’s The Scoop?
Fortunately, most online reviews are positive and urge others to use certain mixes to reduce the chance of the powder being gritty, such as mashed bananas or dried fruits. Overall, the Nutiva Organic Protein Powder is affordable, healthy and pleasant tasting, with all the benefits of more expensive organic powders.

Organic Hemp Protein.

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