Spices Grate Like Butter With The Sharp Microplane Nutmeg Grater

The Microplane Professional Fine Spice Grater is the perfect tool for grating cinnamon, nutmeg and garlic. The grater features razor-sharp teeth that are widely spaced to avoid clogging. This kitchen gadget was inspired by the rasp, a tool that is used to shave wood. The innovative design makes grating spices effortless, leading to tastier cooking and baking. The large grating area allows all types of spices to be shred, including garlic and ginger, and the non-slip rubber feet hold the device in place. Just like other Microplane products, this nutmeg grater features an original design, dishwasher safe parts and a strudy plastic cover.

There are few products on the market like this, especially when it comes to finding a spice grater. Norpro carries their version of a nutmeg grater that is small and compact, featuring a stainless steel blade. While many customers were happy with this product that costs about a fraction of the price, some found that the device would have been better if it were made from all stainless steel.

The Microplane nutmeg grater has received rave reviews from product owners and is so well liked, there are no negative issues to report. he only thing to watch out for is that the pieces don’t rust after being placed in the dishwasher as some small parts can.

The Positives
Manual spice grater finely grinds cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic and ginger. Patented razor-sharp cutting teeth for effortless grating. Large grating area with non-clogging teeth and plastic blade cover. Grating surface can handle bigger ingredients, like large lemons for zesting. Plastic safety cover is also included to keep fingers safe.

The Negatives
This ginger and cinnamon grater is more expensive due to being made fully of stainless steel. One reviewer said there was a bit of rust near the handle after a dish washer cycle.

So What’s The Scoop?
Consumers felt that even with the higher cost of these nutmeg graters, they were well worth the price, as you can’t beat the patented Microplane design and the efficiency of the blades. All in all, this is a great kitchen tool for grating spices or even herbs for your favorite dishes.

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