Worry Free Mulligans With Nike Tour 2 Recycled Professional Golf Balls

When you’re a mid to high handicapper you’re often hesitant to put down some serious cash for high quality Nike Tour Golf Balls. Usually you put a fair number of golf balls in a permanent home that you can’t reach (body of water, trees, street). So is there a cost effective solution for your golf balls needs that come with free shipping? Enter a Nike bag full of mixed (60 total), recycled C-grade golf balls that come with free shipping. This allows the average golf player to play this addicting game with far less concern if they play another mulligan. Each of the varied 60 golf balls are in fair to good condition and should serve a mid to high handicapper well.

Note that some balls are slightly off color or have some scratches or abrasions. The golf balls come in a blend of different Nike models and come all tidy in a reusable black mesh drawstring bag.

The Positives
Golf balls in the bag are in fair to good condition with some being off color. Lets average players play the best balls at a fraction of their original price. Thankfully won’t hurt your wallet each time you drive one into the drink. Balls come in re-usable mesh drawstring bags.

The Negatives
Some bags will contain golf balls with more scratching and yellowing than others. If you’re only losing 1 or 2 balls per 18 holes, new golf balls may be a better option.

So What’s The Scoop?
From reports, the recycled golf balls play pretty close to the real deal (new golf balls), but won’t hurt your wallet each time you put another innocent golf ball into the drink. Though your pride may take a hit, but that comes with game of golf. Oh and it makes a nice gift for your golfing friends!

Nike Tour 2 Professional Golf Balls.

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