Get Rid of Bugs Safely With This Non Toxic Natural Ant Repellent

One of the biggest concerns for parents and pet owners alike when it comes to pest control is how safe the product is. Sure, there are lots of great products out there that can kill an entire ant colony in a week, but what else can those products kill? If you’re concerned about ants or other pests in your home but also don’t want to use harsh chemicals that might hurt your pets or kids, check out Orange Guard 103 natural ant repellent. Ants and most other bugs are naturally repelled by citrus, and Orange Guard takes advantage of that fact by using citrus essences in a spray that helps kill and repel insects without toxins.

In the reviews I researched, it seems that most people who use this product have really good luck with it, but you do have to understand that it’s different from most commercial repellents on the market. The main difference is that it’s not meant to have a lingering presence. During ant infestation season, you’ll probably have to spray it once a day or so to keep them away. As it evaporates, ants become less and less averse to it, so they’ll come back. The point, though, is to keep ants and other bugs out of your home without resorting to dangerous chemicals, so you should definitely expect some trade-offs.

The Positives
Most reviewers had at least some success with Orange Guard. The most reasonable reviews noted that you do have to re-spray it often to keep ants from coming back but that it will also kill ants that are already in your home on contact. Another great plus with this product is that it smells great and is, of course, non-toxic. You can use it around kids and pets, and even around food. It leaves a sunny orange scent that’s quite pleasant.

The Negatives
If you’re expecting Raid-like efficiency, Orange Guard isn’t for you. It doesn’t work like Raid, and it won’t kill an entire ant colony in weeks. Since it’s a natural ant repellent, though, you really shouldn’t expect it to work just like the highly chemical commercial versions.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you’re more concerned about the health and safety of your kids, pets, and food than about the possibility of ants ever returning, I would definitely recommend Orange Guard. For tough infestations – especially of fleas and other hard-to-get-out creatures, you may still need to do a chemical bombing to get rid of them. Orange Guard is a great solution, though, as long as you don’t mind spraying down bug-infested areas often.

Orange Guard Water Based Pest Control.

Natural Ant Repellent.

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