Inventive Tweezerman Nail Buffer That Features Three Filing Surfaces

The Tweezerman Shape and Shine Nail Tool is bound to be your nails’ best friend. This inventive tool features three filing surfaces, including two buffing and a polishing surface. It can be used on both fingernails and toenails, handling all types of nail care such as shaping, filing and polishing. What makes this nail buffer so great is that it’s small enough to be tossed in any handbag or makeup purse, and it shapes and shines the nails in an au naturel manner. At an affordable price, you can purchase several of these nail buffers to keep at home and in your purse. Ratings from owners are positive, as users love the professional manicured look that you achieve.

This Tweezerman nail buffer comes out on top when compared to other buffing tools, especially the Shany Premium Nail Buffer that comes in a 4 sided cube. Although half the price, the Tweezerman nail buffer block is far more durable and efficient, keeping nails looking their best.

The white, black and blue combination is for shaping, while the pink, cream and white are for shaping. With few negative reviews or complaints, you can rest assured that this nail buffer and shiner is a keeper.

The Positives
The multi-use Tweezerman Nail Tool features three filing surfaces. Two buffing surfaces and one polishing surface to shape and shine nails naturally. Convenient for travel and easy to use. Suitable for both fingernails and toenails. White surface for heavy nail filing, black for nail shaping and blue for nail finishing.

The Negatives
If you have short nails, it might be difficult for you to file under them. The filing surfaces are just glued on to the plastic handle.

So What’s The Scoop?
Reports online are amazed at how well this Tweezerman Nail Buffer works, especially for its low cost. Most importantly, online reviewers love the sturdy nail buffing surface and how many tools are wrapped into one.

Tweezerman Shape And Shine Nail Tool.

Nail Buffer.

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