Hassle Free Mowing With The Black And Decker Mulching Lawn Mower


This electric mulching lawn mower will give your yard a clean and even mow, without the hassle of maintaining a gas mower. It features a powerful 12-amp motor and includes a rear bag assembly and rear mulching insert. To make mowing effortless, the mulching lawn mower has a comfortable grip and handle height adjustment. The mower produces no emissions, making it safe and comfortable to operate. When researching this product, I found that people’s experiences with this mower were very different. This is probably because everyone has different lawn needs. For example, those with smaller yards and found the system to be a worthwhile investment.

Most reviewers agreed that one of the biggest qualities about this mulching lawn mower is that it’s virtually maintenance free. Unlike gas mowers that require special handling and care, this electric mower is worry-free. No gas spills in the garage, no refilling with gasoline and no maintenance after the winter season. Just clean, easy usage that saves time, money and headache.

The Positives
Reviewers also reported that the mower has a quiet operation, is environmentally friendly and has plenty of power, considering it’s corded. There is an art to using the cord however, but reviewers assure others that once you mow the lawn a few times, you’ll work out a system so that you don’t mow over the cord. Best of all, this mower has the necessary bag assemblies to collect you own clippings while mowing, making this once-dreaded job easy and carefree.

The Negatives
For those that had large yards, thick grass and trees, the mower had less favorable reviews. There were a handful of reviewers that were unhappy with the quality of the mower. Some found that the mower didn’t last beyond one or two seasons because the motor burned out. This was attributed to the durability of the blades, as they only seemed to work well over grass. If you do choose to purchase this mower, I would recommend being very careful not to run over anything but grass!

So What’s The Scoop?
I would recommend this mulching lawn mower, but I do think it’s important to assess what your needs are. Reviews regarding the cutting power of this mulching mower were good, so the thickness or abundance of grass in your yard shouldn’t be an issue. But if your yard has a lot of trees, I would be hesitant to invest in this mower, as many of the reviewers faced issues if the blade ran against roots and branches. The Earthwise is another mower worth looking at, as it’s eco-friendly, electric and has the same powerful 12-amp mower.

Mulching Lawn Mower.

Black Decker Lawn Hog Electric Mulching Mower.

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