VillaWare Uno Mini Waffle Maker Creates Belgian Waffles In 3 Minutes

Whether entertaining for Sunday brunch or whipping up breakfast for kids with tiny appetites, the VillaWare Uno Petite Belgian Waffler is a mini waffle maker that has got you covered. This waffle iron makes 3 waffles at a time, each just ¼ inch round, the perfect size for children, for eating and freezing, for making desserts or for making breakfast sandwiches. This mini waffle maker produces each batch of waffles in just 3 minutes and alerts the user with a “ready” indicator when the waffles are full cooked. This round waffler maker features 7 different temperature settings and 2 separate browning levels.

The VillaWare Uno Petite Belgian Waffler features stainless steel design and easy to clean nonstick grids. Reviews note that the nonstick surface is a big selling point and works well in practice. Another high point is the “Waffle Tone” sound alert letting the user know when the waffle iron is fully heated and also when the waffles are ready.

The Positives
Belgian waffle maker appliance bakes 3 3-1/2-inch waffles in less than 3 minutes. Durable stainless-steel housing and simple-to-clean nonstick grids. Round waffle maker has 7 temperature settings and 2 browning levels. Perfect for kids or getting creative with fun desserts and is hand wash only. 3 1/4-inch round waffle maker so you can eat one now and freeze two for later.

The Negatives
Waffles can stick and pull apart when trying to remove them. Reports that the colored indicator light covers can fall off.

So What’s The Scoop?
This waffle maker could help to make breakfast a little more fun and a lot tastier. Easy enough for kids to use, it could help everyone to get involved and creative with creating an easy and healthful first meal of the day.

Villaware Uno Petite Belgian Waffler.

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