This Libbey Irish Coffee Mug Set Is Durable And Affordable

Put a new twist on serving coffee and punch drinks with these Libbey Irish Coffee Mugs. Available in 4-piece sets that hold 8 ¼ ounces, the glasses are made from crystal-clear glass construction, making them durable and attractive. All of Libbey’s products are made in the U.S.A. and are dishwasher safe so you never have to worry about hand washing dishes after your guests leave. Whether you’re enjoying a hot or cold drink, these Irish coffee mugs are perfect for presentation and comfort. With the uniqueness of Irish coffee mugs, it’s difficult to find a set that contains multiple pieces at an affordable price.

However, the Libbey mugs aren’t alone and customers are often torn between these and the Anchor Hocking Irish Coffee Mugs. Although a bit more in price, the set comes with 12 glasses instead of 4 and are made from crystal glass construction. This is a great feature, as the glasses feature a thick handle so kids, too, can enjoy apple cider or hot chocolate drinks.

Ratings from owners are only positive, with no negative reviews or consistent complaints. The only drawback is that the set contains four mugs instead of 8 or 12 as other sets do. However, some customers enjoyed the smaller sized set, as it’s perfect for couples and fits compactly in cabinets.

The Positives
Four 8-1/4-ounce clear optic Irish coffee mugs that stand 5 7/8-Inch tall. Optic clear glass for elegant presentation which are dishwasher safe. Coffee mug set is made in the USA and is of quality construction. Glass irish coffee cups have raised design and simple decoration on the bases. Mugs come with large sturdy handles that allow children to hold easily.

The Negatives
This Irish coffee glass mug set only contains 4 mugs instead of 8 or 12. One reviewer thought the design of the irish mugs were fairly plain looking.

So What’s The Scoop?
What sets the Libbey mugs apart from the Anchor ones is that they are highly durable, as reviewers share that the glasses have made it through busy dinner parties and multiple falls. Overall, the Libbey Irish Coffee Mugs are a great buy that the whole family will enjoy for hot and cold specialty drinks!

Libbey Irish Coffee Mug Product.

Libbey Irish Coffee Mug Review.

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