The Rayovac Sportsmen LED Lantern Won’t Leave You in the Dark


This handy LED lantern is powered by 4-watt LEDs and can be used for up to 150 hours on the low setting. The design is smart, practical and conducive to an active lifestyle, with a durable rubber construction, flexible handle, folding tent hanger and water resistant exterior. There are three different light settings – low, high and strobe – making it easy to find the perfect setting for the application. When researching this product, I found it to be an affordable option that is geared toward active individuals, but can be used by anyone. Best of all, the lantern is economical and comes with a surprising lifetime warranty. Not bad!

The Positives
On the whole, reviewers were very pleased with the lantern, and I can certainly see why. Not only can you take the lantern along on outdoor adventures, but it can also be used during a power outage, on a family camping trip or a backyard bonfire. The lantern provides bright, white light that is perfect for illuminating a room, but not enough to hurt the eyes. Reviewers love that the lantern keeps consistent with its rugged image and is compact in size, making it easy to transport. However, the “D” batteries that the lantern uses do add some additional weight.

If you’re faced with a power outage, you won’t have to worry about trying to locate this gadget. It has a blinking light that runs full-time, allowing you to find the light even in the darkest conditions. Reviewers also report that the lantern lasts for many hours and is gentle on the “D” batteries, which is a good thing, considering a set of batteries doesn’t come cheap these days!

The Negatives
Some of the reviewers mentioned that when you go to change the batteries, it’s difficult to get the base to screw back on. This is especially difficult in the dark, where many people will be handling this task. And while the green blinking light that lets you know where the lantern is may seem useful, some reviewers felt that this drained the battery too soon. To avoid this, the same reviewers said that they took the batteries out when storing the lantern. If you choose to do this, keep a flashlight nearby and a fresh set of batteries.

So What’s The Scoop?
I would highly recommend this led lantern to any family, as it’s a smart solution for unexpected power outages or emergencies. An affordable option, the lantern is small, won’t take up much space and provides the perfect amount of light output. If you’re still undecided, you may want to take a look at Coleman lanterns that are a bit higher in price, but durable and with long battery power.

Rayovac 300 Lumen Led Lantern.

Brightest Led Lantern.

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