LED Grow Light Offers Perfect Blend Of Light For All Stages Of Growth

Gardening can be one of the most enjoying past times for millions of Americans. Getting their hands dirty is their favorite form of relaxation and in the end there is the joy of seeing the fruits of their labor. But growing a garden isn’t the easiest task in the world, and sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate by providing all the sun and water plants need. While it has always been possible to pump water to our gardens, sunlight is a little trickier. Now the Sunshine Systems GlowPanel LED Grow Light helps solve another of Mother Nature’s challenges. The Sunshine Systems GlowPanel Grow Light features 45 LED lights with an output of a 250 Watt HPS.

This provides plants of all kinds the exact sunlight they need during any stage of growth to successfully grow to perfect sizes. The unit emits virtually no heat and comes with a hanging kit included. Not only does the glow panel system emit little heat, it does so efficiently using 80% less power than other sunlight units. The market is full of other grow light models for individuals to choose from. Many of the other options are well-established fluorescent models, but prices vary depending upon size and power.

While many online reviewers were happy to give the Sunshine Systems indoors plant lights a 5 star rating, the majority of users found the plant grow light to be questionable at best. A handful of users reported defective units that are not representative of the model as a whole, but some users mentioned flimsy design and inflated credentials for what the unit could actually do. A number of users reported resorting to fluorescent lights to rescue plants withering under the LED grow lights.

The Positives
Up to 80% energy savings versus metal halide and HPS grow lights. Uses only 28 Watts of power and surpasses the output of a 250 Watt HPS. Hydrofarm lights easily provides five square feet of coverage for your garden. There is no need for any additional ballasts or reflectors. Virtually no heat emitted and suitable for all stages of growth.

The Negatives
A few product reviewers mentioned flimsy and fragile design. Some added fluorescent lights to rescue plants withering under the LED grow lights.

So What’s The Scoop?
The LED Grow Light System is still a new technology but has shown an ability to succeed. The Sunshine Systems GlowPanel Grow Light is probably not well suited for experienced gardeners interested in major growth projects.

Sunshine Systems 45 Glowpanel Led Grow Light.

Led Grow Light.

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