The Leapfrog Imagination Desk Is A Kids Interactive Learning Tablet

Preschoolers want to be just like big kids, writing letters and spelling their names, and they want to use books and materials made just for them. The LeapFrog Imagination Desk interactive learning system will give them the feeling like they’re older while teaching them the alphabet and how to write. LeapFrog has been a leader in educational toys for years, getting kids interested in letters and numbers through fun and interaction, and the Imagination Desk is full of things to do. It comes with the starter book “Let’s Learn Letters,” and when one of the pages is inserted into a special slot, the desk magically recognizes the page.

This let’s your child decide to hear about the letter, play a letter game, or listen to a letter song. As the child colors on the page, the Imagination Desk interacts with the child, letting kids learn as they play. LeapFrog also makes additional interactive coloring books for the desk, so as your child grows, you can introduce them to increasingly complex topics.

The Positives
Teaches letter names and sounds, fun facts, numbers and counting. Offers 3 engaging teach modes (learn, game, and music). Includes interactive desk, coloring book, crayons, volume control and storage space. The unit features volume control, storage for templates and supplies. Imagination desk helps your child learns while coloring and playing.

The Negatives
Issues with finding additional coloring books and cartridges for this coloring learning system. A few reports of the cover that holds the paper snapping off.

So What’s The Scoop?
Parents rave over how the desk has a compartment that holds the coloring books, keeping pages from getting lost, and the desk also makes a good companion for a long car rides. The Imagination Desk from LeapFrog builds preschoolers’ confidence as they master the alphabet and move on to other big kid stuff, making it a perfect choice for any 3 or 4 year old.

Leapfrog Imagination Desk Learning System.

Imagination Desk.

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