This Oscillating Lasko Heater Quickly And Safely Warms A Chilly Room

If you’re interested in heating a small room or office, this Lasko Heater is a product that won’t let you down. Small, compact and affordable, this heater has 1500 watts of power for warming a room safely and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about this product overheating, as it features an automatic shut-off, adjustable thermostat and a control panel that has high, low and fan-only settings. The sleek design makes this the perfect heater for a small space or tabletop, and the device comes fully assembled so you can get warm right from the start. A similar product that consumers often consider is the DeLonghi Heater, which features the same design and ceramic material.

However, the DeLonghi is nearly double the price and difficult to set up, with some product owners struggling to get the device to be stable. For half the cost and the same customer satisfaction, product owners are happy to put their trust in the Lasko Heater.

Although there are a few negative reviews, there is no consistency across reviews, suggesting that there are no major flaws with this Lasko Tower Heater. A few reviews found the unit to be too loud, while others felt the heater was insufficient.

The Positives
1500-watt ceramic tower heater quickly and safely warms a chilly room. Self-regulating heating element provides effective heat distribution. The Lasko Ceramic Heater comes fully assembled with 3-year limited warranty. Adjustable thermostat with 3 quiet settings and push-button oscillation mode. Room Heater shuts down automatically to prevent overheating.

The Negatives
A few reviewers found this electric space heater to be too loud. Some reports that this heater is not very energy efficient on the high power setting.

So What’s The Scoop?
The majority of reviews were happy to report that the Lasko Electric Heater is a fast and reliable heat source that is sturdy and won’t tip over around kids or pets. Best of all, the product carries a 3 year limited warranty.

Lasko Tower Heater.

Lasko Heaters Image.

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