Krups Panini Maker Is A Popular Panini Grill And Sandwich Maker

No doubt, you’ve seen them in your local cafe and restaurant. Yes, it seems the trendy panini sandwich is everywhere these days. Now, with the Krups Panini Maker, you can whip them up in your own kitchen. Better yet, this model is versatile and lends itself to cooking chicken, fish, and burgers as well as Italian-style pressed sandwiches. This universal grill and panini maker from the well-known Krups company features a nonstick cooking surface which makes clean up a breeze. A handle that remains cool to the touch even when cooking is a nifty feature of this unit. What gives this grill its ability to cook a variety of foods is its floating-hinge system.

The unit also features a locking latch that makes it possible for the grill to be stored upright. However, there were a few reviewers who had a negative experience with the Krups model in that the panini maker worked fine for a period of time and then stopped working.

On the flip side, many reviewers reported the Krups FDE312-75 Universal Grill and Panini Maker was both easy to use and clean, and the Krups Panini Makers were still providing satisfactory experiences even after years of use. Reviewers especially seemed to like that the unit cooks a variety of foods on both top and bottom which saves time.

The Positives
Grills burgers, chicken, fish, steaks, and Italian-style sandwiches. Nonstick top and bottom grilling plates for food release for easy cleanup. Krups panini grill floating-hinge system adjusts to food’s thickness. Panini machine has cool-touch handle and locking latch for upright storage. Panini sandwich maker recipe book included.

The Negatives
Grill hinging does not detach, so the unit cannot be washed in the sink. Fair number of reviewers reported the unit just suddenly stopped working for them.

So What’s The Scoop?
Whether you’re looking to cook a sandwich piled high with meat or a create simple grilled cheese, the hinges ensure both the top and bottom grills conform to the thickness of your food. Overall the reviews that I researched online for the Krups panini maker were of a positive nature.

Krups FDE312 75 Universal Grill Panini Maker.

Krups Panini Grill.

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