Ace Bayou Makes A Durable And Comfortable Kids Bean Bag Chair

Tired of having your kids jump all over your furniture? A kids bean bag chair is the best alternative, as it gives kids a place of their own to sit and read, watch TV or play video games. The Ace Bayou kids bean bag chair is available in small and large sizes, as well as an assortment of colors. It fits perfectly in any room, being ideal for kid spaces such as bedrooms and family rooms. The bean bag chairs feature a vinyl cover that is easy to keep clean and is stuffed with 100-percent polystyrene beads. Most of us can agree that we either owned our own bean bag chair as a kid or knew someone that did.

These kid-favorites are popular in dens and bedrooms, but they have the disadvantage of ripping easily, allowing the pellets to come out. For this reason, the Ace Bayou child’s bean bag chair is favored over others because it’s made with soft polystyrene beads and can be refilled if needed. Customers also love that the larger size is slightly bigger than standard bean bags, offering more room for kids to relax. This bean bag chair has great reviews and even college students found the chair to be relaxing in their dorm rooms.

The Positives
Offers a comfortable large bean bag for children, tweens, and teens to enjoy reading, studying, watching movies, or playing video games. Features Lycra insert stuffed with polystyrene fill for maximum softness. The exterior cover is crafted in 100-percent vinyl so just wipe with damp rag for easy cleaning. Lastly the Ace Bayou Vinyl Bean Bag is secured by a special locking zipper and a second, back-up zipper.

The Negatives
Of owner complaints, the most common one was owners saying they were disappointed in the lack of strength in the seams. Lastly, one owner mentioned that the zipper pull on the bottom was missing upon arrival.n.

So What’s The Scoop?
Online reviews rave about the durability of the bean bag chairs, as well as how easy they are to keep clean. In most cases, the chair held up to frequent use by young children and teens, making it a great accessory to a busy home.

Kids Bean Bag Chair.

Ace Bayou Shiny Round Bean Bag.

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