Intex Pool Pump Installs Easy And Cleans Your Pool Water Seamlessly

There is no greater joy during the summer months than beating the heat by romping in the cool waters of a swimming pool. Some people are fortunate enough to be able to avoid the packed public pools and enjoy their own backyard pool. While not everyone can enjoy a large in-ground pool in their backyard, most can afford the luxury of an above ground pool. A pool comes with responsibilities and chores though and keeping the water clean is one of the most annoying. The Intex Pool Pump takes the hassle out of cleaning the water in many above ground pools. The double insulated pump from Intex is easy to install.

First, just hook up the pool’s hoses and plug in the pump and the pump does the rest. The Intex Filter Pump features a 120 volt 1/6 HP pump that can clean 800 gallons per hour and has an air release valve to prevent air from being trapped in the pump. The pump works easily with any Intex Easy Set or Frame Set 12 foot and 15 foot pools and can also work with Easy Set 10 foot pools that have sidewall hose fittings.

The Positives
Easy installation just hook up the hoses and plug it in. Double insulated pump. Air release valve for the air trapped in pump. Conforms to ul/csa standards. Also fits Intex 10 foot Easy Set Pools with sidewall hose fittings.

The Negatives
Few reports of pool pump starting to make funny noises and then stops working. The pressure can fluctuate during use.

So What’s The Scoop?
Rarely customers have had issues with the reliability of their Intex Filter Pumps, but the majority of customers appreciate the power of the Intex Filter Pump and were impressed with how quickly it turned around the water in their pool, giving them clean water to beat the heat in.

Intex Pool Filter Pump.

Intex 1000 Gallon Filter Pump.

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