The Intex Easy Set Pool Replacement Filter Cartridges Deliver

The dog days of summer are often best spent relaxing in the cool, calm waters of a pool or lake. Not everyone has the fortune of living close enough to a lake, and not everyone has the finances to have an in-ground pool in their backyard. But many people can enjoy the refreshing water of an Intex above ground pool in their backyard, helping beat the heat in the summer. Nothing ruins a good day at the pool faster than dirty water though, which is why every pool needs an Intex Water Pump and Intex Filter Cartridges. As you know, clean up and maintenance are a necessary evil for pool owners everywhere.

The wind blows leaves, pollen, and other debris into our pools and can ruin any good swim with dirty water. The Intex Filter Cartridge works on all 500, 530, 800, 1000, and 1500 gallon per hour Intex filter pumps with model numbers 58603E, 56637E, 56637E, and 58623.

The Positives
Replacement cartridge for Intex A filter type. Easy to clean Dacron filter material that’s made of heavier paper. Washable and reusable a longer service life than other brands. Filters work well to keep the pollen from turning the water green. Cartridges are individually wrapped and can be reused as long as they are cleaned.

The Negatives
Filters do require proper cleaning to work at peak efficiency. One reviewer didn’t clean the filter and as a result the filter lost its effectiveness.

So What’s The Scoop?
While some customers have found that their Intex filter cartridges only work for a couple of weeks before replacement is need, the majority of customers have found their cartridges indispensable. Many have been able to use the same cartridge for several months with great success in keeping their pools clean and clear.

Intex Pool Filter Cartridge.

Intex A Filter.

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