Char Broil Infrared Turkey Fryer Is A Oil Less Turkey Fryer

The Char-Broil ‘The Big Easy’ Oil Less Infrared Turkey Fryer product is a wonderful meat and vegetable cooking device that runs on propane tank fuel. This infrared turkey fryer will create crispy-skinned turkeys that mimic the juicy birds that a real deep frying machine delivers. However, since ‘The Big Easy’ machine does not use oil, each meal is healthier than traditional fried food options. While this no-oil fryer is called a turkey fryer, the machine is capable of cooking all vegetables and fried dough products that are able to fit into the interior basket. Fired chickens can be supported with potatoes to keep them off of the basket bottom during cooking times.

This electric turkey deep fryer can hold up to 16 pounds of food that is cooked in the same manner as rotisserie oven that is not turning. An even heat is applied to the food from all sides of the machine at once to provide high-quality results. After reviewing Amazon customer comments, it is obvious that some people are having troubles with removing a finished large turkey from the Char-Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer basket that is supplied with this unit.

The Positives
This stainless steel turkey fryer has a patented infrared cooking technology. Able to cook turkeys (up to 16 lbs.), chickens, beef roasts and other large cuts. Does not use oil with no more splatter or flash fire safety hazard as well. Includes cooker, cooking basket, lifter, meat thermometer and cooking guide. Favorite marinades can be injected and even dry rubs and sauces can be used.

The Negatives
Some owners had issues removing large turkeys from the fryer. One reviewer said the finished turkey was rather dry.

So What’s The Scoop?
Char-Broil offers a short list of additional parts and baskets that can be purchased for special types of uses. This brand of oil less turkey fryer is easily adapted to vegetarian and vegan frying needs. Overall, the Char-Broil Turkey Fryer is well-liked by the majority of people who own it.

Infrared Turkey Fryer.

The Big Easy Oil Less Infrared Turkey Fryer.

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