Infrared Thermometer Gives Rapid Readings Without Target Contact

Two of the biggest investments, in both time and money, which Americans make are home and vehicle purchases. Maintaining these purchases can be extremely difficult and expensive, but there are little tools that can make these jobs easier and safer to do. The Kintrex Non Contact Infrared Thermometer is an effective tool that allows individuals to safely and accurate gauge the temperature of a variety of targets. This infrared thermometer is designed to make it easier for individuals to get temperature readings for hot, hazardous, or hard to reach targets. The unit provides temperature readings in just one second.

The laser infrared thermometer is capable of gauging temperatures from -76 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 932 degrees. This unit has a convenient trigger and can provide current and maximum temperature readings. There are a number of infrared thermometers available on the market these days, and one thing that sets this laser infrared thermometer model apart from others is a wide range of temperature readings.

The Positives
This laser thermometer safely measure hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach surfaces without damaging them. Incredibly typical infrared thermometer measurements takes less than one second and the temperature and maximum temperature appear on the bright backlit LCD display. Accurate readings are as simple as pulling the trigger and aiming and this IR thermometer accomplishes this by using only two AAA batteries instead of the 9-volt battery.

The Negatives
Despite the vast majority online reviewers finding the Kintrex infrared thermometer worthy of a five star rating, the unit was not without negatives. A large number of users found that the thermometer could not live up to its claim of a 1.8 degree differential in its readings. Many found that their digital infrared thermometer was consistently off by as much as four degrees in either direction. This was usually caused by the unit not having an adjustable emissivity. This means it can read higher or lower than the real surface temperature depending on the reflective consistency of the surface being measured.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you have serious jobs to tackle, the Kintrex non contact infrared thermometer may not be the perfect tool for the job, but it seriously shines for use around the house and garage. It would be a perfect tool for use around the kitchen and for smaller household jobs.

Kintrex Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Laser Targeting.

Infrared Thermometer.

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