This Hot Wheels Race Track Is A Highly Customizable Racing Track

Pit four of your favorite Hot Wheels cars against each other on this four lane, straight away race track. There is a fair start gate at the top of the raceway so all the cars start at exactly the same time. At the bottom of the Hot Wheels Race Track there are a winner’s flag and flip up numbers for first through fourth place, so it is perfectly clear which car wins as they speed to the finish! Recommended for ages five and up, this folding track can connect to other Hot Wheels sets for extended racing action. The Hot Wheels Raceway folds up into a self-contained storage case complete with carrying handle. The entire track folds out to a generous six feet.

Most parents love the simple design of only four pieces that easily snap together, stay together, and fold up for easy storage. Quite a few reviewers, though, write that the Hot Wheels Race Track is rather flimsy and has trouble staying together. Frequent small repairs to snap the track back together seem to be a rather common problem.

The Positives
Want to know which Hot Wheels car is the fastest of em all. Then line em up and race em down the 4-Lane Raceway. The fair start gate and winner’s flag shows the clear victor in every race. Connects to other Hot Wheels racing track sets for crazy racing action. Case has a fold out handle for you to take your racing action to go.

The Negatives
Track can be rather flimsy and has trouble staying together. A few reported that the instructions for the assembly were unclear.

So What’s The Scoop?
Reviewers note that it isn’t just kids who love to play with this Hot Wheels Race Track! Even adults have fun competing in the racing action.

Hot Wheels 4 Lane Raceway.

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