This Home Water Distiller Ensures Fresh And Clean Drinking Water

Interested in providing clean, fresh drinking water for your family? Even with the popular filter products on the market, nothing does the job quite like a home water distiller. With the MegaHome water distiller, you can distill water in the convenience of your own kitchen, ensuring that what you drink is as fresh as possible. This home water distiller is the best rated and most popular distiller sold on online, and it produces one gallon in about 5-6 hours. With this production rate, you can get 4 gallons of water each day! Not only can your drink fresh H20, but you can use the distilled water in your household appliances, extending their lifespan.

The MegaHome countertop water distiller comes with a power cord, glass collection bottle, pack of charcoal filters and residue cleaner. It sits compactly on any countertop and features a stainless steel interior and clean, white exterior. Being the most popular distiller through Amazon, it’s hard to find a product that comes close. For example, the Waterwise Distiller costs over $100 more and has received some criticisms regarding leaky filters and malfunctions.

Although the distiller does produce distilled water, consumers have found that the MegaHome product is more affordable and has a better output. Unfortunately, a few online reviews disagreed, saying that the water had a strong metallic taste. No purified water distiller will get rid of all the gases in water, so it’s recommend to pre and post filter with activated carbon if the taste is still metallic-like.

The Positives
This home steam distiller produces 1 gallon in 5.5 hours. Steam water distiller is easy to use, lightweight producing pure distilled water. Glass bottle to ensure the highest level of purity for your distilled water. The enamel coated steel on the outside will stand up to years of service. The inside boil chamber, upper dome, and condensing coils are all stainless steel.

The Negatives
The cooling fan on top can be pretty loud and raise the indoor temperature. In addition, this water distiller offers small capacity and will not satisfy large scale consumption.

So What’s The Scoop?
The online reviews rave about the product’s longevity, as many consumers have had the MegaHome Water Distiller for years and it still performs just like new. More importantly, families find themselves drinking more water because it tastes so good!

Water Distiller Countertop White Enamel.

Home Water Distiller.

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