Ming’s Mark Heavy Duty Camping Chair Has A Sturdy Aluminum Frame

Millions of American’s enjoy being active outdoors, whether it is relaxing in the backyard or camping in the wilds of nature. Regardless of where we choose to enjoy our time outdoors, there is nothing better than having a comfortable place to kick up your heels and relax. The Ming’s Mark Heavy Duty Folding Chair offers a comfortable spot to sit no matter where you are, with a sturdy construction to ensure years of good use. This heavy duty camping chair features a sturdy aluminum design, packing sturdy design into a lightweight package that is easy to transport. What else does this sturdy camping chair sport?

In addition to a cushioned, nylon seat that is easy to clean; the Ming’s Mark chair features a folding side table and cooler sling to hold drinks. Folding chairs and camping chairs are a dime a dozen on the market, but few of them can match the amenities of the Ming’s Mark Folding Chair. No other chairs feature a folding side table as sturdy as that provided by the Ming’s Mark chair, and few of them possess a cooler such as this model. This heavy duty folding chair received rave reviews from online reviewers.

The Positives
Features a heavy duty frame that is comprised of aluminum, so it’s quite lightweight to enable easy transport. Other features of the Ming’s Mark director’s chair include its ability to fold up easily into a compact size for simple storage, and it also sports tough 800 D Nylon fabric that makes cleaning easy. Thankfully it only weighs around 12 pounds even with the included side table and attached cooler pockets.

The Negatives
Few people could find problems with this model, and those who did reported isolated issues that were not experienced by others. A minor complaint from one owner was the lack of lumbar support built into the folding camping chair.

So What’s The Scoop?
Unlike other chairs that claim to be heavy duty and/or designed for larger individuals, reviewers found that this chair actually lives up to those claims. If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable chair to take camping or use around the backyard, look no further than the Ming’s Mark Heavy Duty Folding Chair.

Ming Mark Back Folding Directors Chair.

Heavy Duty Camping Chair.

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