The Hayward Pool Cleaner Is A Patented Automatic Pool Cleaner

Everyone loves a pool during the steamy summer months. There is no more refreshing way to cool off then dipping into the cold waters of a clean swimming pool; but nothing ruins that fun more than a dirty pool full of leaves, bugs, and other debris. Manual cleaning is always a good option, but manual cleaning is a time consuming task that takes all the fun out of owning a pool. The Hayward 500 Aqua Bug Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner makes owning an above ground pool fun again because it takes all the hassle out of cleaning a pool by doing the work for you. The Hayward Pool Cleaner moves quietly and efficiently along the bottom of the pool.

It effectively cleans the bottom and water at the same time. The Aqua Bug’s SmartDrive steering system ensures the bottom of the pool is cleaned efficiently and with no effort on behalf of the owner. The unit also pulls water from the bottom of the pool as it moves along, improving circulation in the pool and keeping the water cleaner without the use of harsh chemicals.

The best part is the Aqua Bug attaches to and works with most existing filter systems. A handful of users found the Aqua Bug Pool Cleaner disappointing because even though it worked and cleaned their pools, it also damaged some pool liners. some users.

The Positives
Patented SmartDrive programmed steering system cleans entire bottom of pool. Designer above ground automatic pool cleaner. Unique turbine/gearing system provides constant balanced water flow. Improves water circulation by pulling water from the pool bottom as it moves. Contoured head design allows steering pattern in minimal time.

The Negatives
A few users reported this automatic pool cleaner damaged their pool liners. Issues with the unit tipping over for no apparent reason.

So What’s The Scoop?
The majority of users found the Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaner to be a great buy, taking much of the time consuming labor out of pool cleaning. Overall, the Aqua Bug is a solid buy that will work for most and might require oversight.

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