Hard Anodized Hawkins Pressure Cooker Gets To Full Pressure Quickly

The Hawkins Pressure Cooker is well-crafted from heavy duty aluminum and comes at an affordable price that fits any budget. The pressure cooker features an automatic pressure regulator, hard anodized surface and a locked safety lid. The stay-cool handle and shielded safety valve makes the pressure cooker safer and more efficient, and there are a number of litre sizes to choose from depending on your cooking needs. Whether it’s preparing pureed soups, brown rice or bean recipes, this kitchen cooker will make your meals faster and tastier. Although there’s lots of competition, the Hawkins Pressure Cooker is rated higher than the others.

Consider the name brand Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker, which comes in a 6 quart size and has a stainless steel exterior. Although sleek and contemporary, some product owners had difficulty with the pressure cooker sealing properly and getting up to temperature. The Hawkins cooker on the other hand, gets up to pressure in a short amount of time, comes at a much lower price and has excellent customer service.

The only negative review about the Hawkins product is that the lid can be tricky to use. Product owners suggest angling the lid into the cooker and rotating it 90 degrees. This will prevent the lid from blowing off during cooking – an important feature to be aware of!

The Positives
Hard anodized 2.0 liter pressure cooker with an automatic pressure regulator. Non-corroding surface with pressure locked safety lid. Extremely energy efficient way of cooking. Cooker is extremely well crafted with thick aluminum. Shielded safety valve with long lasting gasket.

The Negatives
Complaints of the lid being hard to position correctly before cooking. This hard anodized pressure cooker does not whistle as cooking nears completion.

So What’s The Scoop?
Online reviews also rave about the longevity of the Hawkins Pressure Cooker, with customers agreeing that the Hawkins is built to last and won’t rust as other pressure cookers on the market.

Futura Hawkins Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker.

Hawkins Pressure Cooker.

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