Blast Away Grime With The Bissell Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner

The Bissell Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner is the perfect tool for cleaning and disinfecting bare floors. In just 30 seconds, the steam cleaner fires up and is ready to be used on any bare floor, including laminate, wood and ceramic. Weighing in at less than 7 pounds, this hardwood floor steam cleaner is super light and easy to maneuver, featuring a pivoting head, steam trigger and ergonomic handle. You can fit this steam cleaner underneath cabinets and shelves, and prolong its life by using distilled water. Otherwise, the Bissell Steam Mop just needs tap water, which then releases steam for easy cleaning throughout the home.

The hardwood floor cleaner doesn’t use chemicals or detergents, being safe for kids and pets. It can run for 15 minutes on one tank and the product comes with an extra mop cover, quick-release cord hooks and a wall-mount bracket. Steam cleaners are a hit in the marketplace and other brands, such as Shark and Eureka, have made their own versions.

Even though these products are less expensive than the Bissell, product owners faced a number of problems, including leaking water and a poor clean-up. The biggest problem that reviewers faced was that the mop leaked water, so it is recommended to purchase dry pads to soak up the excess H2O. Also, the hot steam can take the finish off the floor, so online reviewers urged buyers to read the manual before using the product.

The Positives
This Steam mop offers chemical-free cleaning of bare floors. This floor steam cleaner ready to clean in 30 seconds. Low-profile pivoting head, ergonomic handle, and steam trigger. Safe on marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, and sealed hardwood. Details include a comfortable handle, a ready indicator light, an extra mop cover.

The Negatives
The biggest problem that reviewers faced with the Bissell Steam Cleaner was that the mop leaked water. The hot steam from the mob can take the finish off some floors.

So What’s The Scoop?
The Bissell however, has received rave reviews and product owners are happy to trade in their mop and bucket for one of these floor steam cleaner. Overall, this wood floor steam cleaner cleaner is an efficient, safe alternative to using harmful chemicals to clean and sanitize floors.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner Review.

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