Bissel Handheld Carpet Cleaner Is Great For Spills And Stains

If you live in a household where emergency spills are likely to happen, you need the Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner. This cleaner has a brush that continuously runs while sucking up debris through a 7-inch nozzle. The dual-tank system makes the vacuum easy to keep clean, as one tank is for the clean water and the other is for the dirty water. The handheld carpet cleaner machine runs for 15 minutes on one charge for quick cleans with plenty of power. When shopping for portable carpet cleaners, consumers often compare the Bissell to the popular Hoover Spot Scrubber. This machine has many great features as it’s versatile with powerful suction.

However, many reviewers preferred the Bissell, as its cordless design allows it to be used just about anywhere, including upholstery, stairs and car interiors. The Hoover has a stretch hose, giving it limitations the Bissell doesn’t have. The Bissell handheld carpet cleaner has received favorable reviews, although some product owners found the vacuum to be more of a hassle. For the majority of product owners though, the small portable steam cleaner lived up to its expectations and removed stains on the spot.

The Positives
This handheld deep carpet cleaner is well suited for emergency spills, food stains and to eliminate pet odor. This is accomplished by the cleaner brush agitating the soiled spots while sucking debris up with a 7-inch nozzle. The innovative pet and carpet stain cleaner is fully cordless, runs at full power for 15 minute and features a dual tank system, which easily fill one with clean water.

The Negatives
Some reviewers reported that the machine leaked or didn’t have the suction it should. A reason why might be that it’s suggested that when something is spilled, to soak up all the excess water and then apply plenty of cleaner, sucking it up with the nozzle. Product owners also recommend making sure that the plastic hinge at the bottom doesn’t pop out, as this could cause leaking.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, this is a great handheld cleaner that delivers power and suction to remove tough stains. Even though it’s small and compact for easy transport, that doesn’t mean it sacrifices in the cleaning power department.

Bissell Spotlifter Carpet Cleaner.

Handheld Carpet Cleaner.

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