Rowenta DR5020 Hand Held Steamer Brush Removes The Wrinkles

To have clothes is to have wrinkles. To tackle those pesky wrinkles without an iron, consider a Rowenta DR5020 Ultra Steam 800-Watt Hand held Steamer Brush. Not to be confused with any cheap, plastic predecessors, this is one steamer that is fast and tough on wrinkles. Here’s how it works: take the hand held steamer and fill up removable one and two-thirds ounce water tank. Plug it in, wait around thirty seconds to a minute – you’ll know it’s ready when the light goes off – and push the button for continuous steam. The 800 watts and wide steam head will ensure the steam is ready to fight wrinkles. A removable fabric brush and lint pad are also included.

The ergonomically designed handle gives a nice place for your hand to grip and a hanging hook is also available for use as needed. This Rowenta Hand Held Steamer model also has dual 120w/240w voltage. One common opinion was the water tank was on the small side, requiring multiple refills during use.

The Positives
800-watt handheld steamer provides powerful and continuous steam. True dual voltage, variable steam dial and electric pump for steam on demand. Wide steam head, removable 1-2/3-ounce water tank and hanging hook. Includes removable fabric brush, removable lint pad, and travel pouch. Removable fabric brush plus a removable lint pad.

The Negatives
Water tank is on the small side, requiring multiple refills during use. Some reports that the heater element can suddenly stop working on this unit.

So What’s The Scoop?
Customers reviewing the Rowenta Steamer online were split pretty equally on their opinions. About half of the reviews were positive, saying the steamer did well in removing wrinkles from their clothes.

Rowenta DR5020 Ultra Steam 800 Watt Handheld Steamer Brush.

Hand Held Steamers.

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