Classic Accessories Golf Cart Cover Provides Full Weather Protection

Many people rightly associate golf cars with golf courses and can’t imagine their use beyond ferrying golfers from tee to ball to green, but they have many additional uses. Maintenance staffs at country clubs use golf carts to get around from job to job. Other uses include for staff at stadiums and fairgrounds, and even senior citizens jetting around retirement communities. Golf carts are an expensive investment regardless of their use and are worth of protection, such as that provided by the Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Car Easy-On Cover. These particular golf cart covers are constructed with Rugged Weather Protected fabric.

The fabric was built specifically to resist shrinking and stretching and offers maximum weather resistance and keeps moisture and water at bay. An easy access zipper on the rear of the cover makes installation possible and provides quick access to the cart. Other features include a built-in stuff sack for easy storage and air vents to prevent wind lofting. Golf cart covers are available in a number of other styles and colors, with the majority of them serving the same purpose as this golf cart protector.

Price and purpose will be the major factors in determining which cover suits each individual. Online reviewers could find no errors with the Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Car Easy-On Cover.

The Positives
Rugged Weather Protected fabric won’t shrink or stretch. Tough fabric treated for maximum water resistance and repellency. Storage cover with rear access zipper and rear air vents for two-person golf cars. The classic golf cart cover protects any two-person golf car from sun. Golf cart protector can stay on even in high winds and storms.

The Negatives
One reviewer reported small tears in the back area after years of sun exposure. Currently no other colors are available except for brown.

So What’s The Scoop?
Every individual who reviewed the cart cover was pleased with their purchase, noting in particular the durability and long life of the cover. If you own your own golf cart or work for a country club in need of covers, you would find your money well spent on a Classic Accessories golf cart covers.

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Car Easy On Cover.

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