The Gofit Chin Up Bar Is An Affordable Home Doorway Chin Up Bar

The GoFit Chin-Up Bar is an inexpensive way to add an exercise option into a small amount of space. Doorways normally offer enough space for beneficial chin-up routines to be practiced on a securely mounted bar. It is very important to mount this low-cost door gym chin up bar in a manner that leaves no doubt about personal safety. The exercise chin up bar, comes with lightweight mounting screws that are easy to replace with sturdy long wood screws. From the online reviews I read, there are a few reviews that did not understand how to use their GoFit Chin Up Bar in the proper manner for success. Let’s cover the proper grip technique.

This doorway exercise bar will turn during use if the user is not gripping their foam-covered hand supports tightly. The turning action is not necessarily a flaw in the product design. Hand strength is improved through the daily practice of gripping exercises.The cost of the GoFit exercise bar is huge reason to consider this beneficial piece of exercise equipment that works in the same manner as the more expensive versions on the marketplace.

The Positives
Perfect for chin-ups as well as a foot anchor for sit-ups and crunches. Fitness chin up bar has chrome plated bar with padded grips. Adjusts to fit most standard width doorframes from 28″ to 36″. Mounting hardware will include 2 silver weight bearing brackets. Door gym chin up bar easily supports up to 250 pounds of weight when mounted properly.

The Negatives
Being tall might require you to bend your knees to do the pull ups. Make sure your door frame is at least 28 inches wide to fit bar.

So What’s The Scoop?
For the price, this silver-tone wall mounted chin-up bar is a very nice gift to consider for high school athletes, workplace doorways, and for all people who live in a home where it is possible to drill the Go Fit Chin-Up Bar mounting screws into a wooden doorway area.

Go Fit Chin Up Bars.

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