Protect Your Generator with this Simple, Durable Generator Cover

Talk about a great product! This generator cover is practical, functional and easy to use. It is made from heavy duty polyester and coated with vinyl. The reviewers all claim that the material feels heavy and features an elastic bottom that allows the cover to fit snug around the generator. The fabric is water resistant and will protect the generator from rain, snow, sun damage and more. The dimensions of this cover are 37”Lx25”Wx27.5”H, and it’s designed to fit generators that are up to 15,000 watts. You can use the cover while the generator is in storage or while it’s working – one more reason why this cover is user-friendly and well worth the cost.

After researching this product, I found that there were no negative reviews on it. In fact, this product has a 5-star rating to date. With no design flaws, this generator cover is quality-made, reliable and handy.

The Positives
This product is beaming with positives, even though its simple function is to protect a generator. But for anyone that owns a generator, you know how difficult it can be to keep the machine in good condition. While in storage, it’s subject to dust collection or weather damage, which is why you want to protect your investment and extend its lifespan. All reviewers rave about the quality of the material, saying that it’s heavy duty and repels moisture.

With the brown color, it also reflects the sunlight better than a darker hue. The cover fits over the generator with little effort and will even keep the wheels protected. Best of all, this simple solution offers peace of mind that your generator is safe, no matter where it is stored.

The Negatives
The only negative issue I found with this product is that it does carry a strong odor in its initial days. This won’t be a problem for most consumers, as the generator cover will be kept outdoors or in storage. However, it is worth noting so that if the cover will be in an enclosed area such as a garage or basement, you may want to let the cover air out for a few days.

So What’s The Scoop?
I would definitely recommend this generator weather cover for anyone who has a generator in storage. Generators don’t come cheap and it’s important that they work, which is why a simple cover is a necessary purchase. With an elastic bottom and strong canvas material, you can pop on the cover and never look back! If you want to compare the product, you can always check out generator covers offered by DuroMax and Champion, although this cover has the best feedback.

Formosa Generator Cover.

Generator Cover.

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