The Dramm Garden Soaker Hose Offers A Reliable Irrigation Option

A beautiful garden not only makes a home aesthetically pleasing to look at but can also add value to a home. Maintaining a garden can be a chore that deters many, especially having to remember to go out and diligently water each and every corner of the garden to ensure everything gets the vital water it needs. Not only is watering an annoying task but it is often a wasteful task that sees much of the water evaporate or runoff before doing much good for the plants and flowers. The Dramm 17020 Premium Soaker Garden Hose takes the time out of watering and prevents wasteful watering as well.

This garden soaker hose is built solid to provide durable watering for years. The system delivers water droplets directly to the soil so there is no water loss through evaporation or runoff. Best of all there is no need to stand out in the heat meticulously watering every nook and cranny of the garden, simply set the hose out to reach all parts of the garden and turn it on. The soaker garden hose is made of recyclable materials and is designed to use 90% less water than hand watering.

The Positives
Soaker hose is 25 ft by 5/8 diameter made from recycled material. Thoroughly waters using 90% less water than conventional watering. Garden hose sprinkler conveniently waters garden and beds. Has 50% thicker wall eliminating the geyser effect. Soaker hose irrigation is perfect for gardens, young trees and shrubs. Designed with crush-proof nickel-plated brass couplings.

The Negatives
A report of an issue with the Dramm Soaker Garden Hose consistently of the water flow.

So What’s The Scoop?
Although a few customers have questioned the true soaking ability of the Dramm Soaker Garden Hosee, most users found it to be among the best soaker hoses on the market with high output that is efficient to boot.

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