This Garden Cart Is Ideal For Any Garden Or Landscaping Job

When help is needed around the yard, nothing is better than the Tricam Garden Cart. Made from durable steel mesh and able to hold 400 pounds, this garden cart is great for hauling mulch, plants, rock and flowerbeds. It features removable sides that allow it to turn into a flatbed, as well as a straight padded handle and 10-inch all-terrain tires. The heavy duty handle allows it to be pulled by hand, navigating around sharp turns and corners. The Tricam garden cart is unique in that it is made from a steel mesh material that measures out at 18-inches by 34-inches. Many other garden carts are made from wood or galvanized steel, not a mesh material.

Customers have been satisfied with this heavy duty garden cart compared to other utility carts on the market, as it transforms into a flatbed, allowing it to carry large bags of rock or soil. And with four wheels as opposed to two with wheelbarrows, pulling the cart is easy to do and allows up to 400 pounds to be carried; most other garden carts only hold 300-350 pounds.

The Positives
This steel utility cart is ideal for any garden or landscaping job. Features folding, removable sides, you can quickly and easily convert to a flat-bed. The padded straight handle allows the lawn cart to be easily pulled by hand and is supported by durable 18-inch by 34-inch deck and 10-inch pneumatic tires. Lastly, this yard cart handles a 400 pound maximum load capacity.

The Negatives
Although most customers had great things to say about the garden dump cart, there were a few concerns. First, the garden cart was difficult to put together, so it’s recommended that someone who knows their way with screwdrivers and bolts puts the cart together. Second, some customers felt that the metal garden cart wouldn’t be able to hold the 400 pounds it promises. This is an observation however, as most customers had no problem pulling away their landscaping materials. Lastly there were a few reports of the pin design not staying in place during heavy use.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, this garden cart or wagon is solidly built, great for gardening jobs and takes the work out of hauling heavy plants and rocks.

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Tricam Steel Utility Cart.

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