Foaming Face Wash – Oil and Fragrance Free Olay Facial Wash

Oil of Olay has long been a familiar name and staple on stores’ shelves; it also has been a trusted name in skin care for quite some time. For those in the market for a gentle yet effective soap designed specifically for the sensitive skin of the face, then consider Oil of Olay’s Foaming Face Wash. Those of you with sensitive skin will like what this formula has to offer. It was specifically created to be extra gentle for use on sensitive skin. Free is the word when considering this foaming face wash: this wash is free of oils, soap and fragrance, which can irritate skin. Even though there are no soap ingredients, the formula still lathers into a rich and creamy foam.

Dirt, grime and make up are removed and rinsed away; smooth and clean skin that has been cared is what you get after proper use. Better yet, this formula effectively cleanses eye make up without the stinging that regular soap can create. This foaming face wash is dermatologist recommended. It has been specifically tested by both dermatologists and allergists, and has received their recommendation.

Overall, reviews on the web were positive about this Olay face wash; there were very few negative comment. One reviewer felt the product “too watery” while another claimed to break out. However, the vast majority were positive.

The Positives
Created for the special needs of sensitive skin. Oil-free, soap-free and fragrance-free. This Olay face wash gently cleans and refreshes facial skin. Won’t overdry your face like soap. Removes makeup from the face evenly and even cleans eye makeup.

The Negatives
Some felt the Olay Facial Wash was very thin and watery and can require multiple applications. A few reports of irritation and breakouts caused by this cleanser.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many reviewers wrote in, saying the Olay Face Wash did clean without drying, leaving skin smooth. Others liked the performance and the price; many felt the product was very affordable.

Olay Foaming Face Wash.

Sensitive Skin Foaming Face.

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