Foam Sleeping Pads From Wenzel Make Your Night’s Sleep Enjoyable

The cheery unisex Wenzel closed-cell camp pad in royal blue is the perfect sleeping bag pad for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and all other types of youth-oriented camping trips. The Wenzel camp pads are inexpensive lightweight camping pads that are easy for the kids to use by themselves. The closed-cell format allows the pads to be unrolled and rolled very easily. Wenzel foam sleeping pads are thin padded ground covers that are not made to provide extra sleeping bag padding. The children who are enjoying a weekend camping trip are not normally too fussy about the padding levels in their beds.

These inexpensive ground covers are priced in a range that every family can afford and they are a full step above the flat ground covers that offer no padding at all for the same price. The Wenzel closed-cell camp pad comes in either gray or royal blue. The royal blue camp pads are bright enough to be seen under almost all conditions. The bright royal blue sleeping bag pads are the right choice to make for children.

The Positives
Provides moisture and thermal protection as well as added comfort. Smaller cell structure traps more heat and provides more support. EVA additive for extra soft surface and additional compression deflection. Foam sleeping pad includes elastic tie bands. A very affordable trail sleeping pad that has many potential uses.

The Negatives
Don’t have unrealistic expectations for a foam camping Pad price at around 10 dollars. Dirt can cling to the pad easily commented one reviewer.

So What’s The Scoop?
With the gray pads, it is easy for the children to roll-up dirt and debris without realizing that they need to brush the dirt off. These inexpensive foam pads offer an easy sleeping bag pad that all school-age children can use effortlessly.

Wenzel Closed Cell Camp Pad.

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