MIU Flexible Plastic Cutting Boards Help Prevent Cross Contamination

Cutting boards are a great kitchen essential, but sometimes concerns can rise regarding possible cross-contamination of germs or even storage space for bulkier models. With MIU France’s set of five flexible cutting boards, your concerns are a thing of the past. The colors of the flexible cutting boards are meant to coordinate with use of certain food groups or types. For example, use the red board for cutting raw meat while using the green for vegetables and produce. Since the food groups are separated, chances of bacteria cross-contaminating are eliminated. The color-coded plastic cutting boards come in blue, red, yellow, green, and white.

When you’re done using the board, the flexible plastic construction makes transferring your prepped food right from the board to a pot, bowl or pan easy. Each board measures eleven by five and is dishwasher safe. Storage is made easy as the boards are thin and can slide in any narrow kitchen storage space. Some customers online felt the platic cutting boards were not able to stand up to dishwasher cleaning as it tended to cause the boards to curl and loose shape. The MIU Flexible Cutting Boards also showed signs of significant scarring after a few months’ use.

The Positives
5-pack of flexible plastic cutting boards, 15 by 11 inches. Color-coded for use with different types of food. Protects countertops and helps prevent cross-contamination. Curl easily for transferring food to bowls or pans. Safe in the dishwasher and easy to store.

The Negatives
Scarring of plastic can be seen after long term use. Plastic cutting boards may bend or curl after dishwashing.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall customers did like the good value, color coordination and easy storage of the flexible cutting boards.

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Flexible Cutting Boards.

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