Fiskars Pruners Allow Precise Cutting While Being Easy On The Hands

If you enjoy gardening, you know how important it is to have the right tools to do a good job. One of the main tasks of a gardener is pruning and cutting plants and shrubs. The Fiskars Pruners are designed to help you make clean precise cuts every time. The special construction used for leverage in this product gives you more power to prune those hard to cut through stems and branches. The ¾ inch surface area is designed to handle cutting the green growth from most plants. The blades are created to have a sharp edge that will not dull easily from use. The blades of this product are also replaceable should the need ever arise.

Of course, a good pair of shears is only as good as the grip they come with. You will find the handle on this product is made with a lightweight reinforced nylon material to make them durable, yet easy to hold. The comfort is enhanced by the special gear mechanism that allows the blades to open and close in an easy and smooth manner. This product also includes the safety close latch for convenient storage.

The Positives
PowerGear design maximizes leverage for increased pruning power. Replaceable ultra-hardened steel blade is designed to stay sharp longer. Measures 3/4-inch cutting capacity is perfect for pruning green growth. Reinforced nylon handles engineered for strength and lightness. Ultra hard tool steel blade with Xylan coating reduces friction and resists rust.

The Negatives
The center orange plastic piece that holds everything together can break apart. Some did not like how the handle fit.

So What’s The Scoop?
A good pair of pruning shears will have you spending less time working, and more time enjoying your garden. Positive online reviews seem to agree these Fiskar Pruners fit that bill.

Fiskars Powergear Pruner.

Fiskars Tree Pruner.

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